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Model Beds Teak Minimalist

Model Beds Minimalist Teak is one of the many models on the market design Jepara furniture quality is not in doubt. made of teak wood raw material and processed by carpenters supported by modern machine tools that make this bed the better and the result is very tidy as we see in the image below.
For our own production process with full accuracy and keultean in order to produce work of great furniture and durable if used daily. bed furniture is furniture quality is essential and should be acutely awake because in use every day. for that in choosing a bed should choose good wood material also like teak that we offer for this teak bed.

Design Beds Wood
Of the many deain couch or bed, this time we would like to offering something different for your bed. designed directly by craftsmen Jepara furniture with modern design makes this room furniture is getting a lot of interest. the shape of the furniture of this room has a minimalist design which in part are racks heardboard know where to put kesayanan objects such as books, asesorice and others.

Temapat Teak bed is also equipped with a bottom bunk and can be used for two people at once. for comfort while sleeping we chose teak wood that is sturdy product when used. other than that the bed is also in color with classic teak and can be adjusted with the order.
Sepesifikasi Beds Teak Minimalist
Main Raw Material Teak perhuatani
Size bed No2
Finishing Melamine Salak Brown
Having Headbord Versatile
Equipped with two beds at once
First production of furniture Jepara
Raw materials you can set yourself if booked with us. for raw materials we use are mahogany and teak.

Selling Teak Wood Beds
We are ready to serve all kinds of furniture for your bedroom at a fairly affordable price. orders will be processed if the deal price has been agreed and will then sgera we process your order to be sent immediately to the address of the buyer.

For more info about the model Beds Teak Minimalist this please contact the contact person who served at our furniture store. Thanks for your visiting our online shop furniture Jepara.

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