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Wooden Pallets Bedroom

One appearance typical of the wood pallet is the form of a series of simple, because the wood pallet is prepared to bear the burden of goods in containers in escorted to various parts of the world as well as Indonesia, so the appearance artistic in the possessed can say no in such a plan for it.
Wood pallets are suitable for the design of the design of nature-themed kontenporer and or industrial, in the concrete mix with concrete floors and soft furnishings soft bandage really bring that impression. Sometimes paint palette can be in color or in perfect exposure with clear paint depending on the impression that we want to show on the design.
Pair with wooden parquet flooring, pallets are also still very charming. Palettes in paint with a thin paint brush usually in the back to remove most of the paint color, the aim to produce rustyc impression but still clean and comfortable to touch and use. Selection of soft furnishings to cover the mattress of course adjusted to the interests of the designer.
Very interesting is not it ?? can not wait to try to apply ?? pallets are usually used for this purpose, does not necessarily exist throughout Indonesia for pallets commonly in use are imported palette that is usually only found in major ports sea ports in Indonesia.
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