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Vintage Modern Bedroom Design

Vintage Modern Bedroom Design - vintage room design is one of the most demanding design long ago, why? Because of this design can exude nostalgia and romance atmosphere so that it is suitable applied in the bedroom.

You can create a bedroom design combines vintage with some classic design elements with colors and elements that fit. Here are some tips to create a whole bedroom design vintage.

- Choose the style of the decor is timeless and use the furniture or vintage furniture, such as beds with steel frame or wooden beds are many carvings.

- The right color on the bedroom wall. To mencipatkan vintage atmosphere in the bedroom, use neutral colors or pastel on the bedroom wall.

- Highlight the architectural features such as rocks, chunks of wood and brick with beds and couches and comfortable. Enter also chairs, desk, credenza, and traditional dressing table.

- Finally, do not forget to pencahyaan use vintage-style light bulbs bleak sit or chandelier.
In addition to those of you who want to create a bedroom design following vintage photographs vintage bedroom which could be an inspiration

Rooms vintage design with predominantly white and a little black accents coupled with chandeliers make this room atmosphere impressed antique bedroom and comfortable.
Design of vintage room with a bed of wood coupled with white furniture and lighting uses a unique lamp

Bedroom with a romantic vintage design. With furniture and bedding of wood plus no mosquito net with soft curtains made vintage impression in this room is so romantic.

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