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Choose The Right Table For Your cozy Dining Room

In many homes, the dining room table is a hub of activity. It's where you enjoy family meals, where the kids do their homework, and where you entertain guests with lavish dinners and fine conversation. Because you spend so much time in the dining room, it's important to choose the perfect table for the space you have.

As you begin browsing through the huge selection of affordable dining room sets at Home Living Furniture, we recommend that you evaluate each potential purchase in light of the following criteria:

Room size 
Your table choices will be greatly influenced by room size, so take careful measurements before making a decision. The widely accepted rule of thumb is to allow 24" of space between a seated diner and the wall, and another 24" of space between each place setting to ensure diners don't bump elbows while eating.

Number of seats 
Do you have a big family or a small one? Do you prefer large dinner parties or more intimate gatherings? Make sure the table you choose has an adequate number of seats, and consider selecting an expandable model if necessary.

Table shape 
Although most dining tables are rectangular, other shapes are always an option. Round or oval tables, such as our New Generation Oval Dining Table model from American Drew Furniture's Cherry Grove Collection, are ideal for smaller spaces. Meanwhile, square tables present a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look in square rooms.

Space for storage and serving pieces 
Once the dining table and chairs are in place, is there still enough room for a china cabinet, sideboard, or buffet? If these additional pieces of furniture are important to you, be sure to factor their dimensions into your space calculations.
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