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Home Designing Tips With A Mediterranean Flair

To create an inviting home with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, consider using design features that evoke the earthy elements of the Mediterranean countryside. Rich Mediterranean decor, furnishings and accessories conjure up images of grand padronal estates and rustic farmhouses nestled among the vineyards of the Tuscan hills and the seaside villages of France and Greece. Choose a classic Mediterranean color palette, add telling architectural details and make careful furniture selections to create a gorgeous room with a strong Mediterranean flair.

A Mediterranean Color Palette 

Interior design colors for a Mediterranean look reflect the earthy tones of nature found in southern Europe. Think of the terra cotta, orange and brown colors of the rich earth, the whites and clear blues of the clouds and the sky, and add touches of vibrant yellows and reds echoing the colors of magnificent Mediterranean sunsets. The mix of warmer and cooler tones creates a serene and welcoming ambiance

Architectural Elements 

Texture is an important architectural element for Mediterranean decor. While you may not go as far as applying stucco to your walls, gorgeous faux finishes on the walls create an instant Mediterranean look. Add more texture with layers of paint and glaze rubbed into plaster, or sand texture your walls to achieve the look of depth. Marble flooring, exposed wood beams on the ceiling and brick and stone walls can also add to the Mediterranean look. Tile on the floors and walls, especially for kitchen back-splashes, set the mood. Try installing a fireplace or mantle as the focal point of the room. Tie everything together by accessorizing with burnished bronze, wrought iron and filigree.

Furniture designed to create a Mediterranean style can be rustic and simple or exceptionally formal, according to your personal taste. Look for pieces that are low to the ground with turned feet and legs with wood or painted finishes. Often, decorative hardware is burnished metal with a heavy look. Earthy Mediterranean colors of browns, reds and yellows and rich, textured fabric on upholstered furniture add warmth to a Mediterranean room. Add accent furniture with marble tops with bullnose finish, and accessories like stenciled mirror frames and wrought iron accent pieces complete the look.

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