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Best Farmhouse Style into Your Home

If you’ve always dreamt of farmhouse living, there are a few things you can do to bring the country to your home, no matter where you live. The farmhouse style has been rising in popularity over the past few years, as homeowners strive to implement a simpler and more rustic look into their home layout and decor. If you want to incorporate the comfortable, cozy and laid-back farmhouse style into your home’s design, here are a few ideas that you can try.

Here are five ways to bring the farmhouse style into your home.

What Is Farmhouse Style?
The farmhouse style brings homeowners a feeling of comfort and charm, without too much fuss. To achieve the farmhouse look, try incorporating salvaged elements like reclaimed wood, vintage furniture and antique decor into your home’s layout. With this style, you’ll want to sit back and enjoy the warmth of a cozy and uncluttered space.

Sliding Barn Doors
The sliding barn door has become very popular over the past few years, as more and more homeowners adopt the farmhouse style. These big, rustic-looking doors can add a touch of the country to any room in your home. They come in a variety of styles, from traditional stained wood to more industrial types of metals.

Shiplap Walls
To surround yourself in the farmhouse style, add shiplap boards to your walls. You can either leave it unfinished for a more authentic look, or paint it your favorite color for a more modern, yet still rustic feel.

Farmhouse Kitchen: Sinks & Stoves
If you’re going for the farmhouse style, the kitchen is a great place to start. Farmhouse sinks, or apron-front sinks, will give your kitchen, bathroom or utility room will let you experience country living. Install a vintage-inspired stove, such as the LG Black Stainless Steel ovens.

Country-Style Dining Table
To achieve a true country look, a farm table is essential. With a rustic table, you can gather with family and friends to share meals, conversations, celebrations and more. Decorate the table with a vintage checkered tablecloth or placemats for that extra dose of farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Style Decor
With the farmhouse style, use of accessories should be kept to a minimum. Accessories are an important element, but try as hard as possible to avoid overdoing it by squeezing in far too many for the space. A few well-placed accessories that are spaced apart are all you need to complete the look.

Use color to your advantage: Use your favorite colors to accent the important design elements, but try to keep your overall color scheme neutral.
Use various textures to add interest: To give your layout some depth, mix various materials like wood, metal, fabrics, canvas. You can also try out different patterns with things like upholstery fabric, floors, ceilings and walls. Since the farmhouse look calls for a neutral color scheme, textures will help add interest to the space.

Get creative with the details: Use mixed metals for light fixtures, stair railings and other hardware. Keep in mind that it’s generally advised to use no more than three types of metals per room.
Best of Luck with Your Project
If you want to feel like you’re living in the beautiful countryside, consider changing the walls, doors, decor or sinks to communicate a more rustic feel. With these farmhouse style ideas incorporated into your home design, you can live the country lifestyle!
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